Online Registration Module - Universal

Online Registration Module - Universal

Logical Solutions Inc. now offers the ability to import registrations from any Online Registration Company which can create a downloadable CSV file. This is a common file format which is often imported into Excel.

With a click of the mouse, the Universal Online Registration Module lets you import registrations right into League Organizer™.

For all editions of League Organizer™.

After purchase, you will receive by email an unlocking code which is active for one year (53 weeks) from the date of purchase.

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Features Added with this Module

  • The registration module imports names from a standard CSV file downloaded from an Online Registration company.
  • The names are read into a temporary file, where you can examine them and make any necessary changes.  When you are satisfied that all is correct, just click the button to move them into the main database.
  • As the names are moved, the module grabs any extra information you may have from the inactive file, then removes those names from that file, keeping your databases up to date.
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