Sending Rosters to Little League

League Organizer can create the roster file which you can send to the Little League Data Center.

1. From within League Organizer, create the registration file by clicking on the Little League icon on the toolbar.

2. Enter your league's ID and click OK.

3. The file will be saved to My Documents\League Organizer Docs.
The file name is: LLexport.txt

To protect Little League's records, League Organizer checks that your data is complete. If contact information is missing, it will not create the file. If this happens, click on the Fix button. A window will open listing the names of those with missing information. You can identify what is missing by the red boxes. When you are finished, click OK. Restart the process until the file is successfully created.

4. A window will open to show you the names being sent. Click on the close box (X) in the top right corner of the window.

5. A summary sheet opens. At the top of the page you will see a list of field names. At the bottom you can see the number of names sent. You can print this by clicking on the printer icon on the report toolbar at the top of the page. Click on the close box (X) in the top right corner of the window.

6. Your Internet browser will open to the Little League Data Center. If you have an old version of League Organizer, you will have to manually enter the location of their new site,

a. Enter your league number and password.

b. Click Manage Player Rosters

c. Click Upload Player Roster

d. Near the top of the page it will prompt: Select the program you are importing from. Choose Logical Solutions League Organizer.

e. Click the Browse button next to Upload File and navigate to Documents > My Documents > League Organizer Docs > llexport.txt.

f. Click the Import button.

g. Little League will check your data for valid information. League Organizer has already checked for everything except valid email addresses (the new data center added this check). Any email address which has no @ sign or period will be disqualified. Copy the names of rejected players, go back into League Organizer, find these players and fix the email, then recreate and upload the file llexport.txt.

The data center is looking for a file named llexport.txt. If you need to make changes to the file in Excel, you must save it as a csv file, then rename it llexport.txt. For some reason, saving it as a txt file will remove the commas and add tab spaces. Saving it as a csv will keep the commas.


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