If you enter each player's uniform size, you can create a list of uniform requirements. 

Uniform Sizes 
1. League Organizer comes with built-in sizes, but you can change these (Version 2011) by selecting Files > Quick Entry Items > Quick Entry Items > Sizes tab.

2. Enter player sizes by selecting Personnel > Personnel > Players > Team tab.  Enter the player's shirt/jersey, pants/shorts, socks, and hat size.

3. You can also enter sizes for the coaches.

Team Colors
4. Enter each teams' colors by selecting Personnel > Team Names > Team Names > Fields & Colors  tab.  Enter one color or a color combination (ie. blue & red).

Uniform Requirements
5. Print a list of uniform requirements by selecting Uniforms > Uniform Lists > Uniform Requirements. Make your selections and click OK.

If you select Team Name, you can print a list of each player's sizes and contact information, grouped by team. Version 11.00.08 adds a summary check box to print  only the totals for each time.

If you select Uniform Color you must also select shirts, pants, or socks. This prints totals for each color, by size, for the entire league.

6. If you need to create an Excel file for the company providing or printing on your uniforms, select Uniforms > Create File of Uniform Requirements (Version 2011). 

If you don't want the company to have all of the personal information included in this file, open it in Excel and delete unwanted columns.

Version 11.00.08 adds sponsor names and colors to this file.

Uniform Returns
7. When the season is over, many leagues want uniforms returned. Print a form by selecting Uniforms > Uniform Lists > Uniform Returns Form. The first four columns cannot be changed, but you can change the next four by clicking on the Headings button. Some leagues add headings for trophies and pictures and only give these out when the uniforms are returned.

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