Activating Personnel

At the end of the season, most leagues choose to move their personnel into the inactive file. When the new season begins you must enter new players, etc., but not returning ones. They are still in the inactive file, waiting to be made active.

If you have already done so, move personnel into the inactive file by selecting Personnel > New Season > Manage Personnel > Move Active Personnel to Inactive File.

Activating personnel requires two steps: 1) Mark Active and 2) Transfer to the Active File.

1. Marking Personnel Active

There are three different ways to mark personnel active:

1. Select Personnel > New Season > Inactive File > Players - Mark Active. Locate the player by clicking the Locate button at the bottom of the page, then click on the Mark Active box at the top of the page.

Update the information as necessary, then locate the next returning player. Don't worry about the age. It is calculated from the cut-off date you entered in Files > Preferences > Cut-off Date.

2. Another way to mark personnel active is by selecting Personnel > New Season > Inactive File > Mark Personnel Active - List. You will see a list of everyone in the inactive file. Click on the column headers to change the order. To mark a player active, click the check box in the first column. You can even change their team assignment and/or their division assignment in this list format.

To see other personnel, select them at the bottom of the form. When you select All, the colors change to indicate whether they are players, coaches, etc.

3. The third way is mostly used by very large leagues. Select Personnel > New Season > Inactive File > Assign Inactive Personnel by Registration Number. 

Select the team you are assigning. Select the Inactive Players tab. Enter the registration number of each player. There is no drop-down list because large leagues find it faster to type the number than to search for a player. The player's name will appear next to the registration number. If they is too old or too young for the team, a warning will flash and a mark will appear next to the name. Do the same for the coaches. 

When you are finished, click Assign and Make Active. This will assign the players and coaches to the team and, if you desire, move them to the active file.

2. Transfer Marked Personnel to Active File

The second step after marking personnel active is to transfer them. Select Personnel > New Season > Inactive File > Transfer Marked Personnel to Active File. A screen appears asking several questions. You answers depend on how your league is run. 

If your league has only one season or if each season is distinct, check Change registration date to current date. Soccer leagues playing in the Spring may want to select Change registration date to current date only if the old reg. date is before: and enter the earliest registration date for the previous fall season.

Click the OK button and the personnel are made active. While still in the New Season section, you can see them by selecting Active File > Mark Personnel Inactive - List. You can also Return to Main Menu where you only work with active personnel.

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