Assigning with Drag and Drop

You can assign players to teams by dragging their names to the team. For best results, do the following steps:

1. Divisions

Enter your divisions by selecting Personnel > Divisions > Division Names or clicking on the 7th icon.

a. Enter the name of each division. The division is the group which plays together in the schedule.

b. Enter the items on the second line (varies with each sport).

c. Enter the Minimum and Maximum Ages and the Maximum Number of Players.
If you enter these, you will be alerted to players who are too old or young. You will also be alerted if you have too many     players on the team. League Organizer just informs you, however. It will not prevent you from putting anyone on a team.

2. Teams

Enter the team by selecting Personnel > Teams > Team Names  or clicking on the 6th icon.

a. Enter a Team Code. This must be a unique code which will pull up the combination of division and team name. You can use anything you want as the team code, including the coach's name, a unique number, or a combination of division and team name.

b. Enter the division using the drop down. When you do this, the items in lines two and three of the division will be entered into the team screen.

c. Enter a Team Name.

d. The Full Name will appear at the top of rosters and schedules for distribution. It is not required.

3. Players

Enter as much player information as you want, but be sure to enter the age and sex (if the ages are not correct you will have to adjust the cut-off dates in Files > Preferences). If you know what division the player will be in, enter it on the second page of the form. If you know what level or age group or game (ie. baseball or softball), enter it also.

4. Assign Players to Teams by Drag and Drop

a. Select Personnel > Assign Personnel to Teams > Drag and Drop

b. Enter the name of the team you want to assign by clicking on the drop-down box.
The number of players already assigned to this team will appear on the first line. The team's level, age group, game, minimum and maximum league ages, and maximum number of players will appear on the second line.

c. All the players already assigned to this team are listed on the right side of the form.

d. The unassigned players who match the criteria of the team (age group, level, game, age range) appear on the left side.

e. To assign a player to this team, click on a name on the left and drag the name to the right. You can also highlight a name and click on the > arrow to move the player.

To move all the players, click on >>.

To move several individuals, hold the control key down while clicking on their names, then click on >.

To move players back to the unassigned side, do the above in reverse.

f. Click the Print button to print an Assigning Roster for this team.

g. Save your assignments by clicking the Save button. 


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