The Draft

Some leagues hold a formal draft, with the coaches sitting around a table and alternately choosing players for their teams. Others are more informal, dividing the players into teams which they hope will have equal abilities, using their knowledge of the players and player performance at tryouts. A third way is to let League Organizer create teams.

Here are some ways League Organizer can help:

1. Print a list of unassigned players, in age order, by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Specialized Lists > Unassigned Players.

2. Print Draft Labels by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Mailing Labels > Draft Labels. Stick them on index cards before the draft starts. As each player is assigned to a team, put the card in the appropriate team pile.

3. Print a list containing all player information by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Team Lists > All information on Team Personnel. This report includes parent contact information.

4. Use the tryout forms to determine an ability rating for each player. Enter these into the computer by selecting Personnel > Assign Ability Ratings (click on the column headings to change the order). Print a list of players by ability by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Team Lists > Ability Ratings. 

5. As players are drafted, assign them to teams in the computer by selecting Personnel > Browse Personnel File. Select the order to view the names. Click on Code to assign the player to a team.

7. You can assign players after all the teams are formed by selecting Personnel > Assign Players to Teams > Drag and Drop. Enter the team to assign, then drag the appropriate unassigned players in the right box to the left box. If you entered the minimum and maximum age for each division, only the eligible players will appear on the right side.

8. You can also have League Organizer create the teams, especially for the younger players. Select Personnel > Assign Players to Teams > Automatically. Enter the division to assign. Select your options, then click OK. If you want players to play on certain teams, pre-assign them, then include only Unassigned players.

7. Check that the teams are even by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Player Count & Ratings.

8. When the draft is over, print a roster for each manager/coach by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Team Lists > Manager's/Coach's Roster (Version 2011). This roster contains detailed contact information for each player.

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