League Ages

Ages in League Organizer are always league ages, not real ages. That's the age the player is on the cut-off date.

League Organizer requires you to enter the last date before the age changes. Each year you must change this date. If not, the age on the screen and in reports will be wrong.

To change the cut-off date, select Files > Preferences. At the bottom of the first page is the entry for cut-off date.

Some youth baseball league, such as Little League, Pony, and Babe Ruth, use different cut-off dates for baseball and softball. This year, Little League, Babe Ruth and Pony leagues should enter 04/30/2016 for baseball and 12/31/2015 for softball. Dixie Baseball uses 12/31/2016 for both baseball and softball.

Soccer and Sports Editions

This year, youth soccer uses 07/31/2015. Other organizations may use other dates. Remember the cut-off date is the last date before the age changes.

Little League Edition

The League Organizer Little League Edition lets you enter three different cut-off dates, one for baseball (04/30/2016), one for softball (12/31/2015), and one for baseball players born in 2016 or later (08/31/2016). If  your league does not have a softball program, enter the baseball cut-off in both entries. 

Baseball/Softball and Sports Editions

Because some leagues using the Baseball/Softball or Sports Editions prefer to combine their baseball and softball programs into a single database in League Organizer, they too can enter two dates. If this is the case, enter the appropriate dates in Preferences > Cut-off Dates.

If you are separating the two sports, enter the baseball date as the baseball and softball cut-off dates where Files > Sport is Baseball. Enter the softball cut-off date into both entries where Files > Sport is Softball.

How Age is Determined when there are Two Cut-Off Dates

When a girl is first entered into the program, League Organizer does not know if she will be playing baseball or softball, so it does not know which cut-off date to use. It therefore assumes she is playing softball and uses the softball cut-off date. 

When she is assigned to a baseball team, the age is recalculated using the baseball cut-off date.

If you know a girl will be playing baseball, you can assign her to baseball by clicking on the Team tab in the player form and selecting Softball in the Game field.

Boys are assumed to be playing baseball. Their ages are changed in the same way when they are assigned to a Boys Softball team.

Ages are calculated automatically, but if the cut-off dates are entered correctly and some ages are wrong, select Files > Alphabetize to recalculate all ages.

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