Printing tryout forms helps coaches evaluate the players in an orderly fashion. There are three steps: 

1) create tryout numbers

2) print tryout forms 

3) print tryout labels

1. Create Tryout Numbers

Create tryout numbers by selecting Personnel > Create Tryout Numbers.

You can create them for all players or for players who are not already assigned to a team. 
Note: if you never erased last year's team assignments, select Personnel > New Season > Erase Team Assignments and select which groups should have their team assignments erased. Since this year's players are in the active file, click Active file. You can also erase their division assignments.

You can assign numbers by age or name. If you assign by age, the numbers will run consecutively with each age group, in alphabetic order. If you assign by name, the numbers will be assigned alphabetically without regard to age.

People have requested that the numbers be consecutive when they print the tryout form for a single sex or division. League Organizer 2011 now gives you the option to group the numbers by division or sex so when you print the form for a single division or sex the numbers will be consecutive with each group starting with the number 1.

2. Print Tryout Forms

Print tryout forms by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Specialized Lists > Tryout Forms.

Select whom to include and what to print. Your selections should match the selections you made when creating the tryout numbers. If you gave numbers to only the unassigned players, you want to include only unassigned players.  If you created numbers by age and name, that is the order you want to print them.

The numbers will appear on the tryout form with the age followed by a dash and the tryout number (8-1, 8-2, etc.). You can also choose to include each player's last team and division, phone number, birthdate, and comments. This information will be helpful during the draft. Using the form, coaches can assign ability ratings to each player. If you enter these ratings into the computer they will be printed on draft labels and also used to assign players to teams automatically.

Click on the box labeled Headings to change the headings on the tryout form. Typical headings are shipped with the program, but you can change these and add others.

3. Print Tryout Labels

League Organizer 2011 adds the ability to print tryout labels in large type. To help coaches identify players during tryouts, you can print tryout labels by selecting Personnel > Lists, Labels and Forms > Mailing Labels > Tryout Labels. These are designed to print on 1" labels. The number of labels across the page is determined by your selection in Files > Preferences > Program tab > Labels. These labels print the player's name, league age and tryout number, but you may omit any of these as desired.

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