Updating and Upgrading

An update make small changes to your software, fixing bugs, modifying features, and adding new features. The first 2  numbers of the version stay the same. You should check for new updates monthly.

An upgrade makes many more changes, modifications, and adds new features. The first 2 numbers of the version change and there is a charge for the upgrade.


1. Download the free update by selecting Help > Download Update within League Organizer

2. Read the screen, then click OK to go to the internet

3. Click Print Page

4. Click Download

5. Enter the requested information

6. SAVE  the file to the Desktop. Do NOT run it from the internet.

7. EXIT League Organizer.

8. Locate the downloaded file on the desktop, double click on it, then install it. Your program and data will be updated.


Purchase the upgrade

1. Email sales@logical-solutions.com and request an order form showing the software and modules registered to your league.

2. Know the version you are currently using. If you requested the order form, it can be found there. Otherwise, it can be found in League Organizer by selecting Help > About League Organizer. The version is on the second line. Use the number before the decimal.

3. Go to our website LeagueOrganizer.com. On the menu at the left, select Upgrade > Upgrade from Version x, where x is your current version number.

4. Read the list of new features.

5. Select your edition of League Organizer.

6. Order the upgrade and any additional modules you need to upgrade.

Install the Upgrade

1. When you receive the CD, place it in your CD drive, close the CD drawer and the installation will start automatically. Use the installation defaults. If it does not start, open Windows Explorer, locate the CD drive, and click on the setup file.

2. Enter your serial number and keycode found in the CD box or on the back of the CD envelope.

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