New and Enhanced Features in Version 9

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  • New Features
    • Little League Edition supports separate cut-off dates for baseball and softball
    • Player nicknames and cell phone numbers
    • Export to Outlook/Outlook Express Address book
    • Added dentists to quick entry items
    • Send Email button next to email addresses
    • End of playing year checklist
    • Photo page activates camera and scanner, names picture and saves it
    • Simple player form with picture
    • Buttons to print plastic ID and take photo
    • Single Page/Multiple Page button
    • Create registration file opens form to enter missing information
    • Records who entered checks and lists name on deposit slip
    • Records date, time, and login name when a record is changed
    • Soccer Edition has transfers icon on toolbar
    • Web Site button next to sponsor web addresses
    • Check that zip codes are within league boundaries
    • Check that player ages are within their teams' minimum and ages
    • Valid data checklist
    • Upload rosters directly to your web site
  • Enhanced Features
    • More choices when duplicating a person
    • Team popup includes long team name
    • All forms start with last record accessed
    • Added dues to single page form
    • When adding new teams, cursor is positioned at end of team code
    • All menu choices in new season work on active and inactive files
    • When moving inactive to active, can change registration dates for all whose registration dates are older than a given date
    • When viewing names as a list, clicking on header changes order
    • Browse personnel form with delete button, status field, transfers
    • Move active to inactive
    • Erase teams in new season


  • New Features
    • Upload schedules directly to your web site
    • Records date, time, and login name when a record is changed
    • Option to print division and team schedules in Spanish
  • Enhanced Features
    • Team popup includes long team name
    • All forms start with last record accessed


  • New Features
    • Sponsor Invoice with custom message
    • Sponsor list includes street2, fax and email address


  • New Features
    • All reports output to printer, screen, PDF file, HTML file, text file
    • Print on Plastic ID Cards with picture
    • Barcode on id cards
  • Enhanced Features
    • Allow modification of registration forms, roster, id cards, division schedule, team schedule
    • Uniform requirements lists sock and hat sizes


  • New Features
    • Supports themes
    • Individual login name and password, with controlled access to each section
    • Saved files default to My Documents Folder
    • Opens saved files after creating them
    • Export files to XML
  • Enhanced Features
    • Dot prompt lets you edit and save commands
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