New and Enhanced Features in Version 10

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  • New Features
    • Maintain multiple seasons with new season menu
    • Email blasting to players, coaches, volunteers, officials, parents
    • List of household members
    • Summary report after creating mailing list file
    • Cell phone entry on  single page player form
    • File export for trading cards
    • File to visually identify player addresses using Microsoft Streets and Trips
    • Boundary report
    • Import names from other sports (Sports Ed., Super Scheduler, Assignor's Assistant)
  • Enhanced Features
    • Print button on volunteer forms prints Little League Volunteer form(LL Edition)
    • Track previous division
    • Tryout label with the name and tryout number
    • Blind tryout forms which print tryout numbers instead of names
    • Option to add birthdates to tryout forms
    • Option to print the comments on tryout forms
    • Search players by phone number, mother's name or father's name
    • Option to clear birth certificate verification when making names active
    • Referee Codes report includes ability rating and preferred division
    • Added referee grade and umpire/referee ratings to Umpire/Referee list
    • Added weight on football rosters and height on basketball rosters
    • Added email address to Personnel Lists
    • Added parents' email addresses to Medical Roster
    • Lengthened parents names
    • Upgrade data from a network drive
    • Volunteer report includes street2, email address, and parent cell phone
    • All personnel lists include street2
    • Single line list in gender order
    • List managers, coaches and assistants separately


  • New Features
    • Optional, fully integrated Tournament Module schedules end-of-season tournaments and special tournaments, double elimination and single elimination tournaments and pool play
    • Standings resolve ties using head-to-head, goal differential, and points for and against
    • Optional message printed on bottom of all schedules, including web schedules
    • Create schedule file to upload to Eteamz
    • List games suspended or postponed
    • Referee/Umpire web schedule
  • Enhanced Features
    • Division schedules to show umpires
    • Identify and list suspended or postponed games
    • Added 'goals for' and 'goal against' in hockey and football standings
    • Referee/Umpire schedule listing partners
    • Unsatisfied scheduling requests includes game numbers


  • Enhanced
    • Added uniform purchase order, cost, check number, source, and condition


  • Enhanced
    • Added equipment purchase order number
  • New
    • Sponsor Invoice with custom message
  • Enhanced
    • Sponsor list includes street2, fax and email address


  • New
    • Link to Frequently Asked Questions on internet, allowing easy update
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